We offer free Location-based Adsimu WI-FI in the Nairobi’s CBD. Through, which we target Mobile Device users, within our network and push advertisements in their devices, giving Advertisers an opportunity to showcase their offers and reach thousands of viewers.

How it Works

After connecting to our Free Adsimu WI-FI users must go through the login process on our landing page, which gives us the opportunity to show them promoted video, banner/display advertisements. It enables us maximizes efficiency, to push and show content and to reach the desired target audience. In addition, it allows us collect real-time analytics on repeat vs. new Wi Fi users on our network.
The Adsimu Platform is a cloud based technology and does not block apps or interrupt browsing to show ads. The system is built to make enhances end-user experience to a perfect and seamless one, making sure they watch Ads countless times.

Our Locations

  • Stanbic House- Moi Avenue, Archives, RCM College.
  • Accra Road -Tea Room stage, RiverRoad, Munyi Road.
  • Nairobi Bus Station – Reli House, Amber House, Hakati Road Area, Bus Station.
  • Afya Center – Information House, Mfangano Street.
  • Khoja Stage – Sunrays Building, Roast House, Embu House,River Road.
  • Norwich Union Towers –  Mama Ngina Street Opposite Hilton Hotel, Kimathi Lane.
  • Odeon Stage – Tom Mboya Street.


We offer Free reliable, high speed, uncapped Internet access to our users.


Adsimu Rewards Users and delivers Value for Advertisers and Rewards Partners.

  • We go where traditional billboards can’t, inside people’s pockets
  • Measureable campaigns, in terms of performance. Reach, frequency and audience
  • Trackable campaigns, real-time numbers of viewers that engaged directly with the brand.
  • Options of interchanging creative content, daily weekly and monthly
  • Power to keep consumers engaged by offering Free-WIFI Sessions is a key advantage for advertisers.
  • We continue scale up and to grow our network, to other parts of Kenya in order to deliver successful campaigns for many brands.
  • When we serve mobile advertisements on behalf of our advertisers, we endeavor to make the ads relevant to viewers.

Find out about our services, call us at +254 700 489 829 or Email