Through Our Adsimu platform, we offer clients Multiple Advertising Spaces for :-

  • Videos, banners display,
  • Captive Portal Landing Page Branding
  • App installation
  • Surveys forms.
  • We offer real time statistics, advanced targeting options, & CPC based billing, and advanced campaign optimization.
  • WIFI SSID branded landing Page with advertiser’s/ Brands name
  • Campaign management for Advertisers/ Brands.
  • End Month leads Campaign reports with Real-time Data/ Video views, clicks and impressions

Gain absolute control of your Advertising, get value on your Return on Ad Spend ROAS and Achieve a new level of success.

  • Engaging, Full-Screen Video Advertising that is for Impossible for the end-user to miss! Video is the most efficient way to advertise, its engaging and great for brand awareness and recognition end users on phone love it.
  • Our video advertising is cost effective, trackable, highly targeted, allowing advertisers to deliver their message in front of the right eyeballs with maximum results.
  • We re-direct user’s click’s to advertisers, websites for further browsing, purchasing and App installation.

  • is one of the most popular methods of digital advertising.
  • Pop-up Banner significantly increases the number of ad impressions. Creates brand awareness and recognition.
  • Our Adsimu advertising platform supports all standard IAB banner sizes. We can publish any type of banners and they will appear in end-user’s device exactly as you want.

  • Brand awareness.
  • CTR: Average Click Through Rate = % of consumers who clicked on the advert

Our portable Hotspots

      • We offer affordable Event Wi-Fi solutions to meet the networking requirements of any event. We deploy plug and play Wi-Fi hotspots for events with up to 100 attendees or more.
      • We design and deploy a custom high-density wireless network. Our custom Wi-Fi solutions are managed and monitored on-site by our team of network engineers.
      • On-Site Wi-Fi Services Include
      • High-density Wi-Fi
      • Outdoor Wi-Fi
      • Wi-Fi Captive Portal and Splash Page
      • WIFI Captive Portal to Push advertisements form your sponsors and brands.
      • Network monitoring and usage reports plus Provide data usage reports & debrief event with customers.

Digital Marketing Services.

      • Google Ads
      • SEO
      • Social Media Marketing
      • Email Marketing
      • Content Marketing
      • Web Design
      • App Development.

Types of Events

      • Production staff and Back of House operations
      • Brand Activations
      • Brand ambassadors
      • Sponsorship activations
      • eSports & Gaming Events
      • Entertainment
      • Music Festivals and concerts
      • Outdoor and Indoor Events
      • And much more!